(see what i did there?)
tae tae is adorable, and sweet. But when it come to certain things he can be serious, especially when it comes to his friends. Hobi told him that Suga kissed Y/N and now things are a little complicated. He is taking a stroll with Jungkook, and Jimin shopping for random stuff, when he saw his new friend. She was talking to some children. Holding paint in her hands, no in fact she was covered in paint.

The children were smiling as she played a game with them, it looked like fun and she seemed sweet with kids. Jungkook and Jimin looked over and smiled when they saw her. Tae didn't know if to smile or not. He was nervous. She noticed them, waving her painted palm at them, smiling wide. Jungkook and Jimin walked over to her, making Tae follow in lead.

Later as they talked Jimin asked Y/N to take a picture to remember this moment together painting. She smiled widely taking the picture.

bts, jungkook, and jimin image

V watched as Jungkook gave her a sweet smile and followed her like a puppy. V walked towards them and distracted Kookie by using Jimin who had no clue. He might be adorable and weird but he is sneaky and wise. He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the sand. "TAE WHERE WRE WE GOING?" "Somewhere to talk." He sat her down on the grass and stared at the sea. "......Did you kiss Yoongi?" "What?" "You heard me." "Y-yeah..." "why?" "we... were talking when he kissed me." "Really?"

"Y/N!" I turned around when i heard my name being called. looking at who the hell was calling me. "Yeah?" "You forgot your phone." "oh! thanks." I smiled shyly at him. He hands me my phone and slowly takes my hand. "I liked meeting you... and hanging out with you... and" he leaned down and kissed me slowly and pulled me closer to him. I kissed back until someone yelled. we broke apart and turned to see Ho-seok.
-end of flashback-

Tae nodded as she explained. "You know....Someone else in this group likes you..." "Is it Jungkook?" "How did you know?", he asked with a raised brow. "Well... I do like him, and i can tell from your reaction that he likes me too. " V nods as they hear Jimin and JungKook ran towards them laughing. They join them in the sand talking about what to have for dinner.

Jin was trying to rap when he heard laughter from his friends. He turned to them and blew them a kiss. They could't stop laughing as he then started dancing