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Ruby opened the apartment door a crack and poked her head inside. The bathroom sink could be heard running down the hall, but luckily Garrett was nowhere in sight.
Clutching her black latex suit and mask tight to her chest, Ruby darted across the living room and over to the signed Elvis Presley photo hanging on the wall. (She and Garrett had come across it at a swap meet they attended when they first moved to Company City together--traded some abalone buttons and a couple of letters written in 1941 for it. Good trade.)
The bathroom sink was obviously still running, but Ruby still made sure to be thorough and steal a cursory glance around the apartment before lifting up the Elvis Presley photo to reveal a keypad situated in the middle of the wall, cleverly concealed behind the photo. She typed in the code--122412, the day she met Garrett, naturally--into the keypad, and it suddenly swung open. There was a small chamber directly behind it. Ruby quickly stashed her suit and mask into the chamber, cramming every last bit of latex inside, then slammed the keypad closed. It clicked shut and locked automatically as Ruby dropped the photo of Elvis over it again. The King's easygoing grin reassured her that it was okay, her secret was safe. As long as that serene smile was around, Garrett would be none the wiser.

Down the hall, Ruby heard the bathroom sink turn off and a set of heavy footsteps begin to shuffle towards her. "Ruby?" Garrett called. "Babe, you home?"
Ruby's face lit up when she heard that voice, and her stomach fluttered. After five blissful years together, one would think she'd've stopped being nervous whenever she knew she was about to see him, but apparently not. Yes, Ruby thought, she was still as in love with Garrett as she had been five years when she first sensed him across the room, then looked up and met his eyes.
"Yeah, I'm home!" Ruby called back.
Garrett rounded the corner and when his eyes met Ruby's he broke into a bright smile. In perfect synchronization, they dashed towards each other. Somehow, as they seemed to be every time, Garrett's hands where they needed to be to wrap around Ruby's waist and sweep her off her feet.
Ruby gasped, then laughed as her feet left the ground and she spun, her long red hair whirling around her. Sadly, it was over within moments, and Garrett gently placed her back on the floor.
"How was work, beautiful?" he asked.
"Boring as usual," she replied.
"Anything particularly satisfying?"
Ruby thought back to a few hours ago, when she'd knocked that self-righteous bastard Blue Hawk out of the sky with a perfectly executed right-hook straight to the jaw. She smirked.
"One or two things, maybe."
Garrett raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything. He always knew better than to ask for details about Ruby's private work matters. She never gave him any, anyway.
"What about you?" Ruby asked. "Fight any bad guys on the 'special police force' today?"
Garrett bit his lip. "You could say that."
It was then that Ruby noticed the large yellow bruise forming on her husband's jaw. She sucked in a breath.
"You're not kidding," she observed. "That's gonna be a killer bruise in no time. Have you iced it at all yet?"
Garrett shook his head. "Not yet. I was cleaning up a couple cuts. Was about to ice this baby when you got home."
"Sit on the couch. I'll get some frozen peas."
And just like that, Ruby transitioned into concerned wife mode. She made sure Garrett was comfortable on the sofa, switched on the TV for him, then strode into the kitchen to get the bag of peas.
"If that's what you made it out with," she called to Garrett, "I'd hate to see the other guy!"
Nervous laughter came from the living room.
"Heh. Yeah. Mostly just me who took the beating this time around."
Ruby sauntered back into the living room carrying the frozen peas. She handed them to Garrett, then plopped on the couch beside him, pulling her knees up to her chest and resting her head on his shoulder.
"Don't sweat it," she assured him. "You'll get em next time."
Garrett sighed, then leaned over and placed his lips on the top of her head. He inhaled deeply, taking in the minty smell of her shampoo.
"I better," he muttered.
There was a moment of silence between the couple, before they turned their attention to the television, on which a local news broadcast from earlier that day was airing.
"Would you look at that," Ruby mused thoughtfully. "Blue Hawk and Nightshade, at it again."
"They'll never figure it out," Garrett said absentmindedly.
In front of them, on screen, an intense battle ensued. A woman wearing a slick latex suit that covered her body and a mask covering the upper half of her face was grappling in the air with a man wearing a blue and white suit and cape. She was clearly clinging to him desperately for dear life, while he hovered several stories above the ground.
Suddenly, the woman drew her fist back, then threw a flawless right-hook, making direct contact with the man's jaw. He froze in midair, as she kicked off of him and leaped through the air with inhuman agility, then grabbing the ledge of a nearby windowsill. She swung herself through the window, then disappeared into the building.
Meanwhile, the man plummeted to earth in a blur of blue and white. The footage cut off before he reached the ground.
Ruby fought the urge to grin as she watched him fall.
As the broadcast returned to the newsroom, Ruby glanced up at Garrett. His eyes were glistening and fixated on the television. His lips were pursed in a perfectly straight line.
"Garrett?" Ruby said softly. "Something wrong?"
His gaze wandered away from the TV.
"No," he responded. "No, I'm okay."
She frowned. He forced a smile.
"Don't worry about me, Ruby," Garrett said. "I'm fine."
Ruby swallowed, but nodded, and transferred her attention to the news. Whatever she wanted to say, she kept to herself.
Garrett closed his eyes, but the image of Blue Hawk spiraling out of the sky was emblazoned on the backs of his eyelids. He just couldn't believe it. He'd had Nightshade exactly where he wanted her, hovering in midair, struggling to get the upperhand but clinging to him for dear life. He'd been ready to throw her off of him, hurl her into a building hard enough to knock her out, then leave her for the proper authorities to deal with--
--and suddenly her fist had collided with his jaw, and then he was falling, falling, falling, too disoriented to get back in the air and almost too confused to realize that he needed to.
He hated her. He hated Nightshade with every ounce of his being. He knew what she wanted, why she wanted to break into Company Labs. The authorities speculated that she wanted to steal the top secret discoveries made there and use them for her own selfish desires, but he knew what she really wanted--Ruby. Ruby, who led the most secret research team at Company Labs, who would know every single discovery and recipe stored in the laboratories. He knew Nightshade wanted her. What else would she want, after all? Who wouldn't want Ruby? Beautiful, innocent Ruby, who gave him frozen peas to ice his bruises, who was trusting enough to believe his story about the "special police force." As if such a thing existed.
Then again, maybe it was a little more likely than the truth. Perhaps a special police force was more plausible than the radioactive genome in Garrett's DNA that gave him inhuman strength and the ability of fly. He'd been born with it; a scientific anomaly. Who knew he'd use his radioactive genes to become a secret vigilante whose only true purpose was to protect his wife?
Garrett looked down at her, then kissed her forehead again.
Ruby glanced up at him when he did this, then leaned closer to him and kissed his lips.
He had such perfect lips. Perfect everything. Ruby swallowed.
She may have won today's battle when she knocked Blue Hawk out of the sky, but she still hadn't won the war. She hadn't managed to break into Company Labs. She hadn't managed to find the recipe that would cure Garrett of the radioactivity that emanated from him, the recipe that was surely somewhere within the walls of the Labs.
Ruby had sensed the radioactivity the moment she'd been in the same room with Garrett. Any Caprian would have been able to. After all, radioactive waste was what had made her home planet of Capria uninhabitable, and what forced her to migrate to earth nearly two hundred years ago. She was fairly accustomed to recognizing radioactivity, but had never come across such high levels of it since she'd been on Earth before she met Garrett. She'd been sure it was a fluke at first, hoped and prayed that, with time, it would just fade away...but here they were, five years and a wedding later, and Garrett was still vibrating with radioactive energy at all hours of the day. The energy radiated off of his body like an aura of toxins. Though it didn't seem to affect him, Ruby knew that no person could live their whole being exposed to such toxic levels of radioactive energy (even if they seemed to be producing it).
That was why Ruby wanted to move to Company City, the most prominent scientific community in the United States--so she could break into Company Laboratories and find a way to cure the love of her long life.
The only thing keeping her from doing that? Blue Hawk.
Ruby hated him. If only he knew her true, knowing him, being the awful vigilante he was, he'd still probably try and stop her; still try and prevent her from saving her husband.
Ruby and Garrett watched the rest of the news broadcast in silence, until Ruby was snoozing on Garrett's chest, despite his loud snores filling their little apartment. Both dreamt of the battle they would doubtlessly be fighting when the next day came.

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