He told me he loved yesterday about 10 times without actually saying 'i love you'
1. We were at his house about to leave and he said "I'm really happy you're here" while hugging me
2. We were inside the place and he said "be careful the floor might be slippery"
3. He said "Don't go to the bathrooms here. It's not worth it"
4. "do you want anything?"
5. "do you want some?"
6. We were listening to music together and I told him this song makes me cry and he looked at me and switches the song and said "here this ones better"
7. While listening to music he said "I thought you'd like this song because it has the guitar in it"
8. When we got to his house he held his hand out for me while I stepped out the car
9. He said "I'll tell you when to start getting ready to leave"
10. While I stood up ready to walk out he said "wait" and he held the skirt in the back and said "okay turn it" and I fixed my skirt and he said "okay there" And we walked out together <3