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The way people talk about madness and poetry makes me wannna dream. He's full of colors and I remain empty in the absence of it.

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And I remember how it all was:
We inspired youth as we smiled at the pink skies,
Ran through the streets believing that we could be free,
The lights blinded us, almost impossible for us to realize something.
The wind flew our heads and the sun to diamonds our skins,
We smiled at the bad because we never knew what was good exactly, Just as we talked about independence while we rattled the bars,
When we were used to be little beasts.

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You were always there, so black and blue, watching the impotent beauty you once had. I looked at you but you discerned, with your eyes bright and blue it was easier to paint it perfect. That drama, passion, problems, love and more problems, but all 'cause we were crazy. The days went by and it was as if nothing was over and while I was near you I felt more distant. I hated it, you frustrated me, I loved you.

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You never realized how I was, I'm sorry, I mean, you never gave it a chance. And I was alone, talking, arguing with myself, hurting and crying in silence. I thought that I would never heal myself, but I finally realized that all the colors you had, that each and every thing had, were only the reflection of mine.

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