ok guys this article might be too late since school has already started but still read it because this tips,life hacks,advice(whatever you call them) will be useful to you.

Lets get started with

1. its alright if you have the lowest grade in your class

because in school you don't need to have the highest possible score every time,BUT if its your last year in Middle School,High school or even College you need to have a HIGH grade.

Because when your enroll to High school the grade that they will look at will be the grade you had in your last year of Middle school and when your going to enroll in College the grade that they will look at is the grade that you had in your last year of High School

so in other words DON'T SCREW UP YOUR LAST YEARS

2.Be an officer of as many clubs as you can

every time there's an event at school I know that "This is boring" is a phrase you always say because its true now here's how my tip is gonna be helpful.

since most of the events that happens in school is run by the clubs or the student council,JOIN AS MANY CLUBS AS YOU CAN!!!now you won't be bored since your part of the people who host that event plus you even have authority to do things that you want and your friends don't

3. Make friends with your upperclassman

The reason for that is because they have more experience in your school meaning they hold at lot of information about things that you might need in the future of your High school life

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4.Make friends with the Lunch lady and the Security gaurd

for the lunch lady its best if you get close to her as soon as possible since we all know that the cafeteria is mostly packed and there is barely enough food for all of the students and there's no more place to sit so that's why most of us goes to the cafeteria late,now here is how she's gonna be useful to you if your close with her already you can just ask her to save you some food or if your really close ask her to save you some sit because that's how I roll

for the security guard how he's gonna be useful is that whenever your late some guard might have you sign to a form or worse might not let you in but if your friends with him he might just let it slide let you go to your class while you do nothing.

Sooooo yeah Be friendly with them

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5.If your going to cheat then you better step it up a notch

this is High school not middle school where you just pass paper to each other so you get the answer,so may i suggest for all of you who likes to cheat.Find a new way to cheat or else your gonna get caught and end up going to the principals office

6.Make friends with the other section especially the first section

because if your not that smart and you still want to have a high score then they're your solution to your problem I'm not kidding they are literally your solution.Just borrow their homework and copy it.

7.Be nice to your teachers even if you don't want too

since they are gonna be your backup when something happens.
let me give you an example

when you get into a fight then the teachers ask you to explain yourself the teacher will much more likely to believe in your story and defend you to the other teachers since your really friendly with him/her.


so that's the end of this article, hope you learn something from this and you better remember it since it will be useful

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-Trinity Leondale