So I have been wanting to make a seasonal makeup look-book for a while now... that's why today I finally decided to make one for y' all! (It was a lot of fun!) Now as you may know I don't exactly like makeup... because whenever I wear it my skin gets really irritated due to my sensitive skin, but that doesn't mean I don't LUV it otherwise! (Especially seasonal makeup) Anyways, enjoy!

This article/ look-book will be separated into sections with other information regarding my personal opinion


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Some brands I recommend are Origins, Naked, Nars, and L'oreal
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I recommend L'Oreal, Origins, and Nars

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is a great way to complement the eyes and add a little pop of color to any outfit. If you want to go for an autumn-y look, I personally like the smokey eye.

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If you really want to make a statement this fall, try experimenting with different colors!
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I personally like how all eyeliner looks so I'll show you some of my personal fall favorites.

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Maybe even experiment with different designs


I don't personally know a lot about contouring so here are some ideas that I think would look good this fall.

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I recommend darker colors for this fall like:

  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • Skin Color
  • Dark Red
  • Maroon
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Hair is always one of my favorite parts of an outfit. For the fall I suggest beach waves with an ombre or a messy bun. Here are some more ideas for the new season to come!

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Braids are another good hairstyle choice for the fall because of how easy and fun they are.
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Sometimes something even as simple as clipping your hair back can look super cute!


Stay away from anything too over the top. Something small can really embellish your look! I recommend things like: a beanie, bracelet, a necklace...

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I recommend colors on the darker side. Preferably brown,

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Sometimes even a nice white can go well with some looks

Outfit Ideas

Definitely go with big sweaters and ripped jeans. I think it gives an autumn-y vibe!

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Just wear what makes you comfy! (I personally like retro adidas)

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Other Outfit Fall Inspo

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If you would like anymore outfit ideas like this, be sure to check out this collection down below!

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And as always, thank you guys so, so much for reading!

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