Expressing myself because where else can i? I've had a long run since teenage life. I always want the best for myself. Every time i think of my future i get scared. i feel like that seems to be normal? I love to work hard for my things, i dont know its like being a workaholic is in my blood, i live for that shit. One thing I've always hated is working for someone. Having a boss, now that shit is what kills me, i want to be my own boss, my mentality is working hard and getting shit done. I am 23 and all i care about is owning my own company, as weird as this shit fucking sounds, but i love men clothing, having a men clothing store would be a dream come true. But, it doesn't stop there, i love interior design too. You know one thing is that i can't make up my fucking mind in what type of business I'm trying to go for, But one thing for sure is being in the business administration major is the way to go. I've always been a woman with pride and love to keep busy. Sometimes that can be good, but at times it can't. I always seem to push my friends and family away because i sometimes need to be alone. As much as i love them, this is the kind of person i am, i love my own space. I've come to a point in my life where i just woke up one morning and quit my job because its not doing not good for me, decided to enroll myself back in school, don't think i will be jobless. nope! never!!! i can manage to do both with no problem, plus! i cant be left without a job i got bills to pay and all that adult life shit. Not just that i have a child to take care of. I promise myself that i will change mentally and physically. Because this is not who i am, i will never be a house wife. NEVER! My mind is set. I will take myself far so my son has a better future

I promise<3

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