Detailed Notes

Taking detailed notes can be a very helpful tool, especially when looking back to soak in the information. If you don't take long efficient notes during class, make another set of notes full of detailed information later and use that set of notes to study. That way you can take good notes DURING class and not have to worry about making them look "pretty." Making another set later and using them to study has always worked for me.

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Use Sticky Notes and Notecards

Using school supplies like sticky notes and notecards have helped me a lot. I use notepads a lot when I need to study keywords or know specific terms and you can use them for basically anything. Using notecards for taking notes is really good as well. I mostly use sticky notes in my textbooks, marking my places in books, and writing down reminders. If you have a due date for an assignment, writing it down on a sticky note and plastering it somewhere can really help reassure your focus on completing your work.

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Don't Beat Around the Bushes

A lot of people will not take enough time to study or will speed study. Speed studying, for me at least, has never been successful. You should always take time to read the material and try your best to understand and soak in what you're learning. If you have trouble studying your topics, make sure to ask your teachers questions or search for the answer in your books or ask a classmate. Don't ever let a question linger unanswered, that's how it piles up.

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Create A Comfy Study Area

Studying can be irritating, but if you create a comfortable area to study it can even be fun. Lay down a few blankets or clean up your desk a little. Add some lights or redecorate a portion of your room or wherever you prefer to study. Changing up the environment as well as making a study area can change the way you study and make studying as a whole more interesting. Try listening to some calming music as well!

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Study Buddies

When you study by yourself it often becomes a silent oasis and it can sometimes just end up becoming boring. Have a friend...or a few over and help each other study. Use notecards or exchange notes and ask questions. Try making a little game out of studying or change up the area and go to a café or even a local library. I know that having a study buddy makes studying all the better.

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Take Breaks

Lastly, take some time for yourself. Studying for long periods of time can make you tired and annoyed. Make sure you take occasional breaks and eat a snack or an episode of your favorite show. Don't study to the point where all of the notes you're reading go in one ear and out the other. Study and care for yourself. Getting enough sleep and food can make all the better! Remember, taking care of yourself should be your number one priority!

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I hope you enjoyed this article, and use some of these tips! I plan on making some more articles related to studying and some note taking tips!
(Disclaimer, I have posted this article on another account as well)