i've always been pretty shy and quiet but i noticed that this only got worse as i entered high school. whenever i hang out with friends, i sometimes don't contribute to the conversation at all. i feel awkward around other people even when everything is fine. i want to be more outgoing and talkative but with my social anxiety this feels impossible. it controls my life and it seems like there's nothing i can do to stop it.

in class, i never raise my hand in fear of getting the answer wrong and being humiliated. if i get it wrong everyone will think i'm stupid right? wrong. but, this is how my brain thinks. i care so much about how everyone expects me to act so i will be accepted. it's silly, i know. i shouldn't care about what other people think but for some reason it's always on my mind. everyone seems so much more confident than i am, and i wish i could be like them. i don't exactly know why i'm like this, but i am.