Hey guys! :) This is my first article and will be about my favorites songs this summer which ones ended up being my playlist of this summer because I didnt stopped listening them in all this time tbh. The list is a bit extensive but I think its a great one so I hope you like it :)

(english is not my natal language so excuse me if I make any spelling mistakes)


This song is a rap in spanish, singed by a guy from my country (Venezuela) and the lyrics is amazing and almost perfect.

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"...A ella le encanta la virilidad que el le emana. A él su dulzura, su humildad, su cuerpo, su cara. Como camina, como habla, sus carcajadas. Pueden detallar sus sentimientos en llamadas..."

Me rehuso/Baby I wont-Danny Ocean

This song is heaven, its beautiful. i just love it, i dont know how i can describe it haha. Danny Ocean is also from my country and he wrote this song for the girl he were dating, he had to move for another country for all the problems we have in Venezuela so basically he dedicated this song to her. Turn the pain into art... thats amazing, i swear

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"...Just give me your hand and trust in me. If you get lost just follow my voice. So give me some time, baby some time 'Cause you and I are meant to be close for the rest of our lifes..."

Still got time-Zayn Malik

I love this song because it explain that not every time we met someone is because we have to fall in love with them, can be only pass time together, just chillin and still it can be amazing.

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"...I could tell you've been bored all day 'Cause you're young and you still got time. Don't waste your time. We been wasting away, ah yeah. And no matter what you say, ah yeah. That smile gon' take you places and I know you wanna see some faces..."

I wish you didnt love me-Jake Miller

its cute... Jake just broke up with his girlfriend of 8 years ago so basically all his new album is about her.

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"...I want you but I can't be the reason why you lose faith in everything that you find. I'm warning you now babe go run and hide..."

There for you-Martin Garrix

I'll dedicate this song to my bff in her birthday, i swear ahah

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"...So when your tears roll down your pillow like a river I'll be there for you, I'll be there for you. When you're screaming, but they only hear you whisper I'll be loud for you..."

Couple of kids-Maggie Lindemann

Remember me when I met my first summer love

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"...Now I'm fallin' heavily, recklessly. Trying not to lose my sensibility but gravity, it pulls me into you..."

Perfect Strangers-Jonas Blue

Again my summer love lol. No but really, many songs of this list are about that guy xD omg, thats sad haha

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"... Maybe we're perfect strangers
maybe it's not forever
maybe the night will change us
maybe we'll stay together
maybe we'll walk away
maybe we'll realize
we're only human
maybe we don't need no reason..."

Back to the start-Jake Miller

We would all like to go back time to fix something or revive something.

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"...I wish we could go back, back, back to the start when the whole world was ours. I wish we could go back, back, back to the start when the whole world was ours. Let's take it back to the start when we were just kids in love..."

Knowcking to your heart-Maggie Lindemann

For the guy that made you thought you could have something with him but ended up being an idiot. An idiot you're still in love with (we gotta admit it, everybody got someone like that)

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"...Are you listenin? I'm knocking on your heart. Could you let me in?Tell me I'm the one and I've always been 'cause I don't wanna wonder if we'll ever meet again..."

Like I Did-Shane Harper

I swear Im in love with him since Disney haha

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"...The way you're looking at me like I don't already know. This is how it happens, this is just the way it goes. I can see him on every inch of your skin. You can pretend it's right..."

Back to you-Louis Tomlinson

Bebe Rexha and him makes a really good mix

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"...And I guess you'll never know all the bullshit that you put me through and I guess you'll never know, no. Yeah, so you can cut me up and kiss me harder. You can be the pill to ease the pain 'Cause I know I'm addicted to your drama. Baby, here we go again..."

Lost time-Jake Miller

i love this guy

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"..I can't go on livin' like I do, pretending that I never care for you but we fight and we break up. You cry out your make up so I should love you from a distance..."


I've been listening this band since a while ago and i really really like it. I feel it like a perfect style.

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"...And when you finally find yourself, tell him i said, tell him i said... Goodbye..."

Me and you-Jake Miller

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"...We're like Harold and Kumar
One day I'mma make you
A queen and put you
In a white castle..."

Okay peoplee! i know its a very long list but i think you could have a good time listening these songs, i do so i hope you like it. thanks for reading! if you want me to publish articles on a specific topic or give me some advice, feel free to send me any messages! Take care!

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