friends till the end is a phrase commonly used between friends who promise to stick together through thick and thin. sometimes its hard to accomplish that when in a group of three because of the number and its just hard to please everyone in general. we used to always say we would stick together through everything especially the hard times but lately that doesnt seem so true anymore. we try so hard to fix things with you but it just seems to make things so much worse and i really dont like it at all. i honestly dont know what to do anymore because it seems as if im in the middle of this fight between two wonderful people and i dont want to choose sides. 3 people friendships can definitely work of course but it is very hard at times when 2 people click better than all 3 at once. sometimes thats just how it goes but that doesnt mean the whole friendship has to end at all. it just means that there is more to grow and go through and its a lot to handle but can be fixed. i do want this to work out but i dont know how its gonna go down. i dont like all this drama going on its making me go insane and all im trying to do is mentally and emotionally get better but with all the fighting between not only my friends but also my family. all i have left to do is spiral out of control back into the black hole that i was once in.