A small reflection...

I once had a love. It wasn't my love with someone, but the love of two people I cherished. Their love was what gave me hope, what made me want the kind of love they had. Although love isn't perfect, and the love they had certainly was not, I craved what they had with someone of my own. I grew up with their love surrounding my world, teaching me what it meant to love someone and truly be there for them. In my eyes they were the perfect rose. Of course, every rose has it's thorns. You see, when your a child, you tend to focus on the good, and drown out the bad, but as I realize now, that love was ever so toxic. As a child, I only saw the good memories, the way they held their hands, the way they danced as if they were the only ones, the way he sang his heart out to her, they way they called out their names, the way they loved. I thought then that love was powerful, and I still believe it is. But time went by, and soon enough the moments I came to know became memories. They became distant, the love they held so high became weaker by the year. They no longer held hands, reminding me they no longer touched. They stopped the movement they had, showing me they had no rhythm. He no longer sang his heart out, erasing the most beautiful song I would hear. They slowly lost the power to say their name, showing they no longer knew each other. They lost the love they had for so many years, and all for what? But that year, that day, that moment had taken everything I knew since the start. Took away all my hopes, all my dreams, all the love I ever had. Their love took away the only love I knew. Now all is left are broken pieces. Broken pieces that no longer fit, that no longer show a reflection of what I thought love was. And how could it be that all my life was their love? How could it be that two people love like nothing could tear them apart, and come to realize it could all be gone in a split second? How is it that you could wake up and no longer see that love around you? How can two people bring so much love and then take away what I once thought was my dream? All I know is I no longer want a love at all. I no longer want the kind of love I once knew, the love I once cherished, the love that every person craves.

Written by
Dayarimar Rodriguez