Hey, so this is gonna be kinda quick and short cause I need to get sleep. Yesterday my dog, River, passed away. He died of old age, and had a long good life, but I feel guilty that I wasn't a better owner. ANd, guilty I'm not more sad he died. The thing is, I deal with sad emotions in a weird way. I don't want anyone to see them, so I can only breakdown after a buildup. I cried when he died, but today, now I don't really think about it. I feel sort of numb towards it. I don't know, it's very odd. I've had pets pass away before, but now I'm older and it's different. But, that was my welcome gift from the universe for the new school year.
Today I started school, which is amazing, but I slept in! Just my luck my phone wasn't charging and died in the middle of the night. I still made it on time, but my whole morning was very rushed, like something straight out of a coming of age teen girl movie. But now I'm in grade 10. Two of four of my classes this year I have with someone I use to/still have a crush on, then 1 class with another cute boy, and three of four classes with a past crush. Man, it's weird. But, I'm really excited, and I think I'm going to do good this school year. I still feel guilty for being happy, but, I guess that's what I am, an ice queen who will fall apart soon. How do you deal with stuff like this? And how's school for you? Gotta get some sleep, god knows I need it.