Hello, it's me. Do you remember? We're in the same class this year. We had a class party last June..We played spin the bottle: cheek edition. I had to kiss you around 4-6 times. It felt weird, knowing you secretly look at me in class. I look back. We hold eye contact for a bit, then i look away. It's your eyes. We were a thing for three months...Then you found her. You started to like her...You started to love her. And you, forgot about me. How does it feel? To have forgotten your own girlfriend? I spent days crying about you. But you were just a boy, right? Now, every time I see you, I remember the things we did at recess. Remember our bush? We hid there..But we stopped. You played football with her, while I complained to my friends. You broke up with me. "I need to find a new girl," You said. "Why?" I replied back. "We aren't together anymore." He said. I busted into tears. I deleted your email. You told your friends our texts...Those were private. Deep down I know you still care...You just don't ask....I see through you now. I've moved on. Have you?

Hey guys! So recently I've been feeling a lot. So, why not channel it into articles? Writing my stories through paragraphs, or poems, if you want to call them. I'll be posting regularly. Even tho school just started. This whole writing articles thing is fun. Well, until next time! - B <3