He was known for being a sunshine, for being caring towards his friends, no these guys are his family. He has always noted things, like how a certain older hyeong liked a certain girl. How a certain maknae liked the same girl. How an adorable Chim Chim had made a friend all on his own and doesn't want anyone to take her away.

He watched as Y/N was talking to Jungkook, how they talked about art. But he can also see that Yoongi was looking at her, he might seem like such a sunshine but he was much wiser than that. He got up and walked over to the outside porch. He looked at the night sky and heard his friends laugh. He heard someone go outside and sees Y/N with her bag, she was speaking to Jimin, and Jungkook. He sees as they give her a hug before she heads off. He sees them go back in and sits in silence. Something was going to happen he can sense it. "I'll be back guys, she forgot her phone." He hears Yoongi says as he runs out with her phone. He gets up and follows his friend, he sees him catching up with her, seeing the both of them turn red. It looked like a couple who like eachother with out the other one knowing.

He sees Yoongi hand her the phone, his eyes widening when she grabbed his hand. Yoongi smiled, as they slowly getting closer. He sees Yoongi say something, as Y/N smiled shyly.

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he leans down, slowly as their lips connected.

Ho-seok froze, not knowing what to do, when he sees this. "What the fuck.....", he whispers, as he sees them kiss. This is not cool, that girl can't be with him, so he decides to do something. "Yoongi? Y/N?" They pulled away quickly, looking at him. "what is going on here? Did you give her her phone?" "Uh..Yeah." "Ok let's head back." They start walking away after saying by to her, walking in silence. "So what did you see?" "You are a bastard." "What?" Hobi turned around.

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"Bastard. You kissed her."

"Well-" "No, Yoongi i get that you don't open up to people but you can't do this to Jungkook. He is our friend, our little brother, and he liked her first." "He doesn't even know her like i do." "True, but he never kissed her the same day he met her either." Yoongi stared at Ho-seok. He was silent as they walked back home. "You have to tell kookie, or i will." "....."
Love is so painful
Goodbyes are even more painful
I can’t go on if you’re not here
Love me, love me
Come back to my arms

tae tae is adorable, and sweet. But when it come to certain things he can be serious, especially when it comes to his friends. Hobi told him that Suga kissed Y/N and now things are a little complicated. He is taking a stroll with Jungkook, and Jimin shopping for random stuff, when he saw his new friend. She was talking to some children. Holding paint in her hands, no in fact she was covered in paint.
The children were smiling as she played a game with them, it looked like fun and she seemed sweet with kids. Jungkook and Jimin looked over and smiled when they saw her. Tae didn't know if to smile or not. He was nervous. She noticed them, waving her painted palm at them, smiling wide. Jungkook and Jimin walked over to her, making Tae follow in lead.
Later as they talked Jimin asked Y/N to take a picture to remember this moment together painting. She smiled widely taking the picture.

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