In fact, there is that kind of people in life that is always trying to keep you distracted of what you really want, but let me tell you, that you shouldn't pay attention to them, those persons should be focused on their own bussines.

They will be always trying to ruin your plans, but they will only find it if you let them, so focus on your goals, work every day harder to find what you want and ignore them, eventually they will find the way out of your life, so don't worry about them, they are just frustrated because they didn't work enough on what they wanted.

Also, make a list of the things you need to do (please, not about the material things, go for more than that, go for things that will help you improve your quality of life) for example:

Things myself needs to do (by myself)

1.-Myself needs to stop arguing with his parents
2.-Myself needs to share more with them, at least a moment watching tv together
3.-Myself needs higher grades
4.-Myself needs to get over that boy/girl


Things like this, will make you keep your eyes wide open and focus on what you really, really want. Also, when you do this, you will be so focused on your goals that you'll end not paying attention to those persons that always try to keep you in the same state of your life and don't let you continue your road, and they will go far, far away from you, because all they want is attention and if you do not give that to them, then, they will go find someone else to ask for attention.

Don't close your eyes, keep them open so you can see where do you put your feet while you walk through the road of goals.

Keep your eyes open, honey. xx