So, I just recently read an article here on WHI about loving yourself and be selfish and do things for you, so I immediately thought about you. So I decided to dedicate my first article to you, my lovely best friend <3

I don't probably say this a lot to you and I know that you also don't have a lot of people that do it, neither, but I love you and you are the most important little person in my life and, tbh, without you, I'll probably be the most lonely person in the world.

You have absolutely no idea of how important you are in my life. And how amazing you are, and how intelligent and beautiful you are. So I'm here to tell you that.

Don't let people ruin your happiness, make the right decisions for you and your personal growth. Maybe your happiness is in doing your makeup everyday so do that, girl! Or maybe is listening to trap all day.

I know you're having a difficult time with the que tal, and moving out and life in general but I want you to know that, babe, you're not alone at all. And you have me, everytime that you need me. Even at four in the morning. You're the most precious soul that I've ever met in my life, and I want you to believe in that too.

So, with that being said, I love you, you're the best! You're amazing, beautiful, an amazing person, a gorgeous soul and you slay babe. Always.