If you have read my articles you alredy know a little of the story that am gonna tell, if not, you can stay and read to know more.

As some of you may know, yesterday i was a little (or maybe more than a little) heartbroken because the guy that i used to like decided to start dating another girl. This isnt bad but all of this time he was playing with me. He treated me really nice and sometimes acted like we were a couple, he made me "fall in love" and all of the sudden he decided to let me there and move on.

I must confess that i was destroyed, i had imagine that he would give the step and maybe ask me out.

Today i saw him and in a moment i didnt know how to act with him. I was about to fall for him again but i remembered that im worthy of something better. I deserve better. I deserve someone who can be capable of loving me in the same way i do.

So for all the persons out there who are in the same situation, or at least in a similar one, you need to realize that you are a person with sooo much value, you deserve something better.

We deserve to be the reason why the other one smiles, we deserve to be listen and loved to the fullest and of course give the same in return without being afraid of being vulnerable.