it’s hard to express yourself and truly tell people how you feel.
sometimes you just want to pour your heart out, but you don't. why? because you're scared....
you are afraid to let yourself fall, not wanting to look weak. You are afraid of letting the wrong person in.
But you shouldn't be afraid, you should express every single emotion and pour your heart out, you should believe in yourself, you shouldn't care or be scared of looking weak, because everyone falls sometimes and its hard, but time heals pain.
you should always remember that whatever happens next was destined to happen.
Don’t be afraid to let those you love in; don’t be afraid to say what you think, rather be afraid to hold back.
Its hard opening up to people but with time you can open up to those who were there for you through thick and thin and those who were by your side when you needed them the most.

love more, hate less.
Thanks for reading!!!!!
Xoxo Aria