since the first tv show recomendations got over a 100 likes i decided to do a part 2. again i wll be saying the name and a little description, but this time i will say how many seasons a show has.

Black Mirror,
it's a show about how technology changes, and how its been changing, our lives. Each episode is a different story, about technology's effect. The episodes are either set in modern day,near future or the far future. It has three short seasons. Season one and two have 3 episodes, and season 3 has 6 episodes. You can watch the episodes in any order. If you are panning on watching it i don't recommend starting with the first episode, it gives you a very wrong impression and is honestly just gross.

I'm honestly not sure if everyone will like this show, but i still wanted to put it in my is a take on The Archie Comics. the show centers around high school football star Jason blossom's unsolved murder. the main group is very diverse. from outcasts, to New York socialites. The show can have some cringy scenes but overall i really like it. it currently has 1 season (13 episodes,) and season 2 is coming out Oct 12 2017.

Stranger Things,
This is a very hyped show, for a good reason. It's amaziingg, I finished it all in one day. It is set in 1983, Indiana. a young boy disappear. as his friends, family and the police search for him they are dragged into government problems, the supernatural and a little girl name eleven. It currently has 1 season (8 episodes,) and season 2 is coming out Oct 27 2017.

Teen Wolf,
Scott and his best friend stiles go out in the woods searching for a body,at night. when stiles gets caught by his dad, the sheriff, he leaves and Scott is alone. When Scott is attacked and starts acting weird, the pair know something's off. Scott has to hide his new identity, a werewolf, so his friends and family don't get hurt. The show has 6 seasons, but honestly the show isn't as good after season 4. Season 6 is the last season of the show.

Thank youu, for reading, if you wanna check out part 1 just look on my posts. I know I don't say a lot of shows in one article, but that's because I'd rather say 4 shows with some information and a description and dividing it into a couple of articles, than just listing off the shows with no information. I will be posting a part three soon, so look out for that!