Samantha King's book of her poetry "Born to Love, Cursed to Feel" is genius. She has that kind of intuitive ability where she can empathize with many different kinds of people; and different emotions that can be stirred up by love, traumatic events, and everyday struggles. I read the book with my heart open, and her words spoke to me on unseen levels. Here are the ten quotes/poems that I pick as stand out favorites from the book:

1.) Spring Cleaning:
I'm a hoarder of memories
Crammed between how beautiful my present is
and what my past has done to me
It's not monsters that I fear but the remnants of you
that I have left under my bed
The notes, the cards, the little trinkets
I decided to clear it all out today
It's easier to look back; you already know the ending
I think it's time I actually gave myself a chance
to embrace the here and now.

2.) Double-Edged Sword:
I can't get back the hours, the effort,
or that little piece of me that believed in you
You would think I'm the one who suffered here
but that's only 'cause you haven't figured out what you lost.

3.) Life's Student:
There is growth in pain
You just have to find the lesson and learn it.

4.) Breaking Point:
I'm sorry is no longer a healing balm
It won't happen again is just another lie
I see the remorse on your face
I can just no longer sympathize
You've drained me of whatever ability I had left
to dig a little deeper and
believe this was worth saving
I won't be staying tonight
I won't be coming back tomorrow
You can keep your watered-down promises of forever.

5.) Insanity:
If I'm losing my mind now
it's because I've allowed myself to believe
I can stand tall in something that's sinking
without going under.

6.) Confession:
I hate you wouldn't quite do it
I forgive you isn't quite my speed
I regret meeting you would be a lie
The best thing for me
was removing you from my life
That, I am sure of.

7.) Fraud:
While you were claiming to protect me from others
Someone should have protected me from you.

8.) Hindsight:
I screamed, you didn't hear me
I walked away, you didn't chase
I've found that our value lies not in what's spoken between us but
in all the things your actions say
I've cried more than I've smiled
I've lost more than I've gained
I'm tired of sacrificing but no big fuss 'cause you won't even notice
what's happened
until it's already too late.

9.) Progress:
So often we are defined by what we've done
and the mistakes we've made
For once I would like to be
Measured by the steps I took today
Rather than the footprints of yesterday.

10.) Revelation:
I've learned to face my demons
I'm just learning that everybody can't handle them.