It moves, it inspires, it transforms, and it heals. It takes you to worlds that were once only imaginable and can transport you back to a specific time, a specific place.

Music is the one thing I can rely on every single day of my life to get me through. I have curated a playlist of songs that when the first opening seconds play, I am immediately taken somewhere that I will not return from for at least another 3 minutes and 25 seconds. The power of this is mesmerising and unprecedented for me and I use it with great thought and care.

From my early days of Pink Floyd, U2, and Simon & Garfunkel introduced by my parents to right now with the likes of Sticky Fingers, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles. My taste is pretty eclectic and I'm often very fussy about the kind of music I want to listen to. It has to suit my mood, my thought patterns for that day and ultimately the way I want to feel.

Classic rock, new wave brit pop, trash pop, rap, folk, indie, alternative, country pop have all found themselves a home in my cluttered closet that is my Spotify playlists. My account is a mess with playlist after playlist often haphazardly curated into lists of months in years detailing what my most played songs for those few weeks were. I love being able to transport myself back to May 2015 and listen to the music I identified with back then, at a point when I was exploring love and relationships for the first time and then jump forward to February 2016 when I experienced my first heartbreak.

I use this method of cataloguing to welcome each new month with a new list of songs that I'll love and appreciate for years to come, and to me, it's one of the most exciting things, to think about what will be my favourite new band or song in July of 2019, who I'll be and what I'll be doing, and no matter what I know that music will be the thing to define and shape those experiences.