Okay, let's be real.
I'm not quite sure how to feel about this whole "article" thing on a website that, until now, has been for finding aesthetic photos and creating mood boards. However, I have decided to try this whole article thing out and see how I like it. As to if I ever write another article again on this site, well, that's anybody's guess. I'm sure articles are supposed to have some sort of content other than random musings and ramblings, so let me introduce myself.
-I'm Emily.
-I have a coffee addiction (seriously, I drink up to four cups a day).
-I love dogs (I have a cockapoo named Cookie and he's honestly my best friend).
-Writing is fun, I guess (I'm downplaying my love for it in an attempt to stay cool, but I've never been good at that).
-I have a deep wanderlust inside of me (I spent the summer in Europe, and now it's even worse).
-I love being alone and antisocial and being on the internet (who needs people to talk to when you've got your dog, right?).
-That's all for now. I can't think of much else because if I'm being honest (and I guess I am, at this point), I'm rather boring (though I do have a tendency to make anything that happens to me rather dramatic).

Goodbye for now, I guess?
-Still unsure how I feel about this.