hey guys I wont be posting a lot on 9/8/2017, because hurricane Irma is suppose to hit FL and I might be going to my cousins house in Georgia. Sadly my sister and dad have to work that day.
I'm going to be ok.
Please pray for FL, all the people who are going to stay in FL, and my family.
Thank you so much.
I will keep you guys updated.
Update 9/7/17: we still don't know if my family is still going to Georgia. but my dad works tomorrow and my sister and has Saturday and the rest off, thank you Lord. sadly we couldn't buy plywood for our window.
I will updated you guys after Irma.
Update 9/16/17: Thank you guys for keeping me and my family in your prayers last Saturday we left for Georgia to my cousins house we stayed there till Tuesday, me and my family got back home safe, my house didn't get as bad damage, I thank God for keeping my house safe, and today we got our wifi back up.
I thank you guys again for keeping me and my family in your guys prayers