I am the person I love movies and series !!! I can make hours unspoken in front of my laptop and see episodes of series or even movies. So, the new implementation of WeHeartIt has given me the opportunity to share some of my favoyrite series and films !!!


~ Series first ~

1. The Vampire Diaries (drama,supernatural,horror)
2. The Originals (drama, supernatural,horror)
3. Teen Wolf (drama,supernatural,thriller,mystery)
4. American Horror Story (drama,horror,mystery)
5. Deadly Women (horror,detective)
6. Hannibal (horror,detective)
7. Lucifer (fantasy,horror)
8. Prison Break (drama,adventure)
9. Sons Of Anarchy (crime,drama,thriller)
10. Dr. House (drama,mystery,medical)

- Now Movies -

1. Split (phychological horror)
2. World War Z (science fiction,thriller)
3. American History X (police,real,drama)
4. Mad Max : Fury Road (science fiction)
5. Seven Pounds (drama,romantic)
6. Noctural Animals (drama,thriller)
7. Black Mass (police,drama)
8. Public Enemies (drama,thriller)
9. The Lucky One (drama,romantic)
10. A Walk To Remember (drama,romantic)

*** That's all !!! I hope you liked it. I would very much like to write to me if you have seen any of the films or if you are following a series and telling me your opinion. Ιf you do not do it and you enjoy the article pressed a little heart and if you want to send me a personal message. In addition tell me if you want to do other similar articles. The END !!! Have a nice day and kisses !!!!!! ***