Life is an unseen energy that causes action in all forms that have it. Everything vibrates which implies life in everything. If there is action in every particle, atom, and molecule, then there is life, although not usually considered. There is a cause of life that is the directive power that enables life to use its force. No energy is ever destroyed, therefore life is never destroyed when it leaves a form.

Decomposition of a form must be an action of life but it is the cause of life that provides the intelligence as it does for all energy. If you think about it, the life the human experiences within and of itself cannot be seen. Without it there is no heartbeat, no breath, no thoughts, no emotions, and no imagination. The human sees only the expressions of life in other humans, animals, and plants.

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If the human can only experience and see expressions of life without seeing life itself, how can it expect to see the cause of life and all there is which includes the universe, nature, and universal laws that include the laws of science? How many people really think about this? I think most don’t think about it.