I was meant to post this tomorrow but I got too excited to share it so here you all go!

Growing up I never had full control over my hair. Sometimes I didn't get to choose how I wanted it to be styled. I was always told my hair had to be relaxed (chemically straightened) so it'd be more manageable and look more presentable and I just got used to it. Sometimes whenever I got my hair relaxed the women at the salon wouldn't even do it properly and usually had a tendency to leave the relaxer on for too long which was never fun and the burning sensation I felt on my scalp had to be endured because even if I told them my head was hurting they'd just tell me to wait a little longer.

Fast forward to me in year 7, I was in a new school with new people and there was a rule in my school (that has been changed) making all girl use their natural hair and extensions weren't allowed. I met more girls with different hair types from me and I felt a bit jealous but I kept it to myself. My friends would tell me how long and pretty my hair was even though I knew it really wasn't. I never hated my hair but I didn't like it as much as I wanted to. I tried asking over and over again if I could let my natural hair grow out but the answer remained the same for the next 3 years.

I'm in year 10 now and I have more freedom over my hair, I can choose what style I wanted and so on but yet I still couldn't stop relaxing it. That is till a faithful day, I asked my aunt (who I was living with at the time) and she said yes and I was so happy. I was at peace, I finally got what I wanted and it stayed like this for a few months. One unfaithful day, my sisters and I were told we had to go to the salon to get our hair relaxed. I was confused, I already had the go ahead to stop relaxing it so why was I still being made to relax it? I had no choice but to go and my progress was gone. I was back to my flat, boring straight hair.

About a year later, I asked again but this time I told both my mum and aunt. They weren't too thrilled but they finally let me be. I explained to them why I wanted to stop the obvious reasons being the people who did it never got it right and I could take care of my hair properly now. So I began to transition as we naturalistas call it. Now most people would wait till a certain point and just cut off the rest of their hair but I was so obsessed with retaining my hair length I just endured the next two and a half years. Although looking back at it now, I wish I had just cut the rest of my hair off.

I took that time to watch videos, read tips about proper hair care for natural hair. My younger sister also decided to follow in footsteps and decided to go natural as well. I found out my hair type was 4c and it's great. The shrinkage is very real, trust me but I wouldn't change a thing. If you're reading this and thinking about transitioning to your natural hair or you're currently transitioning it'll be a bit stressful especially when half of you hair is natural and the rest is straight and unless you're willing to put up with it, you could always go in the big chop route. Meet a good hair stylists/your family/friends even check out blogs and get more researcher and do what is best for you.

I didn't change my hair because everyone else was but at the time I noticed lots of girls also deciding to hop on the natural hair train. I did it for me and it was just how I wanted my hair to be - how it was always meant to be. If you still relax your hair, that's okay. As long as you like your hair as it is then
keep doing you!

beautiful hair, coils, and natural hair image brown skin, dark skin, and natural hair image
photos aren't me but that's basically how my hair looks like :)

All hair is beautiful; whether it's curly, straight or wavy you just have to learn to love it.
Plus I'd love to hear your own stories as well if you've had a similar experience to mine or you're just going through your own hair phase. So send me postcards :D

To anyone going through a big chop/transitioning phase I hope it all goes well x
#NaturalHairRocks #4CisBeautiful

- Uju