Don't go out of your way to impress anyone but yourself

You should always ask for help, don't let your pride stop you from getting the push you need to move forward but don't let people make you feel like you must depend on them to get somewhere. The only person you need to depend on is you. That includes asking the right questions for your path and your happiness

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My goals

For me, I am not accomplishing what I want because I worry to much about trying to get certain people to like me, to force myself to feel included and loved. The reality is the people I'm trying to impress aren't focusing on their future or their goals. They aren't pushing me towards my goals and wanting me to succeed. This is the reason I don't feel included. It's because I'm not. I'm not included in what they call their happiness. I'm searching for better things, self-love, and success and they are searching for popularity, familiarity, and the temporary high of putting people down.

If you feel like this, write about it because once you acknowledge you are not surrounded by those you want to be, or you realize you are not where you want to be, you will finally change things to get to those places. Write your heart out and one day you will look back and smile at your growth.