here's a list of aloe vera uses that I got from a thread on twitter

.moisturizer for your face, hair, and body
.when doing twist/ braid outs for moisture without the weight on an oil or creme
.as a facial toner to even out your skin tone
.use it to lighten dark acne marks
.itll help with the itching and the redness of mosquito bites
.use it after you shave to help with razor bumps, irritation, and redness
.for dry scalp/ dandruff, mix it with lemon juice and apply directly to your scalp once a day
.for a dry skin mask, mix it with honey, rose water and a pinch of turmeric. leave on for twenty minutes and wash it off with warm water
.helps with sunburns and sun bumps
.mix it with brown sugar and lemon juice to create an exfoliating scrub for your body and face
.you can use it on your lips if you smoke and don't want them to get dark
.for deep conditioning, mix it with whipped shea butter and your conditioner. put on a plastic cap and leave it for at least twenty minutes
.fora hair mask, mix it with the oil of your choice and honey. shower cap - twenty minutes
.use it directly on your scalp when you prepoo so the shampoo isn't too harsh or so it doesn't alter your scalps pH level
.if you want full, thicker brows, mix it with coconut oil and rub it on your brows every night before bed
.to grow your edges, mix it with your choice of an oil and massage it anywhere on your scalp that there is hair loss
.it helps heal small minor cuts and burns. it'll speed up the healing process and cause less scarring
.to lighten acne scars; ,mix it with lemon juice and/or rose water. use a q-tip to put it on the spots every night before bed
.it can be mixed with water and apple cider vinegar for a bath mixture. it helps with vaginal pH, skin rashes, join pain, and smelly feet
.can be used as a makeup remover without the harsh chemicals
.soothes skin blemishes and conditions like eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, and any fungal infection
.for sunburns, put it in the freezer for the best results
.use it for shaving
.if you get anything waxed or threaded, but it on your skin afterwards to help with the redness and irritatioin
.NOTE: get Pure and Non-Fragranced Aloe Vera gel or juice; or just buy the plant. you can try home depot, lowes, or any gardening store to get the plant. its really cheap and simple to use