I know I'm supposed to respect nature, being a witch and all. I know I'm supposed to stare at a person and find reason in their actions, not search for vengeance. But it's so difficult. It's exhausting to ride the same wave a timeless amount. It's tiring to see the repetitive pattern and expect a different result. Regardless of who It's happen to come from. When am I allowed to disrespect nature? When can I turn my cheek to natural beings. When can I stop being the protector and start being the aggressor? I strongly seek refuge in negative behaviors. After being thrown to the side time and time again. I constantly fight the grey. Black and White is so much easier. But maybe in nature there's a time to let grey have it's way. Shake the tree a bit. Sometimes you have to cut down weeds to see the prettiest flower. Sometimes you need to pluck the dying greenery to make way for the most use of energy. I'll stop being weak eventually. But today I'll play the pity party. I'm allowed to sulk today. And only today. Then I'll move on. I'll take this moment and no more.