1) Kat Von D tattoo liner and liquid lipsticks DON'T SMUDGE/BLEED and ARE WATERPROOF. They are definitely a worth while investment!!

2)Estee Lauder double wear foundation is absolutely flawless and looks bomb until the end, however a cheaper alternative is the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, may not last as long but still looks like a veil!!

3)Use the same mascara wand in different tubes!! The formula of mascara has little to do with how it applies, you get length and volume from the wand itself, just clean it every few weeks.

4)Looking for a dupe?!?!? Check out Makeup Revolution London!! I'm shook that they don't actually get done for blatantly copying high up brands such as Too Faced, Urban Decay and Mac.

5) NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks have some of the best and diverse shades of nudes that brands have to offer, personally my fave is "Embellishment".

6) Eyelure lashes are worth it for under £10, by putting them in water to get old glue off, I've worn some pairs 3/4 more times!!

7) I have freckles and I find that I struggle with finding concealers that can cover my under eye bags without making my face look crazy (I don't wear foundation), but Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer has an amazing ability to cover the bags whilst still natural enough to not totally get rid of my freckles. Truly cannot recommend this more if you have similar troubles.

8) You do not need all the crazy expensive makeup brushes, there's literally ones for a fraction of the price on Amazon that will do exactly the same job smh

9) If you do not own or enjoy using a lip scrub, get an old ass toothbrush or spoolie, drown your lips in Vaseline and start scrubbing!!

10) Fuck what people think. You only get one face in this life and it is yours to decorate however the fuck you like it, fuck them.

So I created this collection a bit ago to firstly put an end to the stigma that being what we perceive as a "hoe" as a negative concept, and secondly it was just so I could use those tips myself and hopefully you found them useful too, some of these are from other people and some are my own tips. This article is my first and feedback would be appreciated, enjoy!