Do you ever watch two people fall in love and in a perfect world you wish that was you?

In a perfect world that someone you like would like you right back, their days wouldn't be filled without you, and when you had to leave at night it's the hardest you've had to do. Someone would fall in love with you and what's on the outside would be a mere sight because they know your heart completely. In a perfect world, we would never truly be alone because you know there's someone out there that is your person, one person whom you put your whole world on. Someone to be safe with, someone to be vulnerable with, someone to take away all the trials being thrown your way.

In a perfect world, it'd be just the two of you no one to wreck or belittle the life you've built. No more staying awake at night wondering if someone will ever love you because in a perfect world your person would, with no second thought. In your perfect world, all your dreams would come true, everything you'd ever want would be at arms reach. No negativity, the freedom to be who you want how you want. In a perfect world, everything would be simple, nothing and no one would be against you.

In a perfect world, we each would have our own world to do with what we please

because in the world we share nothing and no one wants you, and every day you are reminded that you're all alone.