Those moments... when you feel like nothing matters, the view is perfect, the company even better, life get's to that magnificent instant where you feel like you can stop time and stay there forever.
Sometimes people don't notice how fast life passes, one day you are just a child trying to learn how to walk and then the next day you are an adult, full of responsibilities. That's why there are those moments, when you stop rushing and you just admire what you have in front of you. It does not matter if your whole world is falling apart, or if your whole life is what you've always have dreamed of. You have that moment, that pause, that break, like in the movies when everything stops. Those small and spontaneous instants are the energy that we use every day to keep fighting, to be happy, to remember that not everything in life needs to be stress or anxiety... to keep believing in our own power.

-Thoughts of a Normal Girl.