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My friend gets over efficient and told him(my crush) that i like him, for him it was like nothing new. He contact me on facebook and was giving me excuses, before he cloud reject me, i flatly refuse that i'am not interested in relationships, but yes i also told him that i like him. I did this because i was like a tomboy type girl i had so my guy friends and they often told me that the other boys have fear for me, so i thought before he(my crush) says something and hurt my feeling i should end this thing now.

Later i come to know that he was in relationship with my sister's "best friend" and he knew that i was sister of his girlfriend's best friend.

I never fall in love again he was the one love of my life

After that i never had any crushes or anything i don't have any boyfriend (i don't need one) and i have no love life and i'am okay with it.

bitchy, boyfriend, and fake image
yup thats right

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