I am probably the most imaginative person anyone could ever know. I've had this imaginary person in my head since forever. I named him Nisan and I believed he was real and that we'll be together someday. I did find my Nisan, not how I imagined, but even better. God gave me my Nisan and I love him with all my heart, so does he. I would choose him over anything because I find happiness with him. I love him. We won't see each other for the next four years but that's okay. I can wait forever just to be with him.
Actually Nisan wasn't my only dream. I've always wanted to live in Toronto and go to college and medical school there. Maybe I should call it a plan not a dream because I do believe that someday I'll go and live there. I'll have a college life there. My mother is Syrian and we might have a chance to go to Toronto next year as Syrian refugees. I'm having lots of issues right now, like my dad was in prison and now my parents are getting divorced. I even sometimes lose hope and start to think that I'll probably never have a future in Toronto. Then I tell myself, no Laura, you'll have a great future in Toronto, with Nisan, just work hard and never lose hope. University of Toronto is my dream. Plan, rather.