Hi Guys!
Today's topic is Racism in modern America. I know I say I am close to a LOT of these topics so I like to talk about my personal experiences, and the experinces of my younger brother, who is adopted. Sadly in today's world we can't treat everyone like a normal human, because they "look different" or "act funny",
One of these instances was at an old school of mine, in a Spanish class a friend of mine one I am still close to today was called out almost everday for doing things the rest of us were doing just because, of his skin color. From calling him out into the hallway in the middle of classes, to yelling at him in the middle of class for using the "wrong colored pen". Everyone assumed that this teacher just didn't like him, but, when we started noticing had was picking on my brother and the other Black students that my school had we finally noticed. I got so bad that me and my younger along with the other boy moved schools.

From school enviorments to resurants another case in fact. Me and once again my brother were sitting at a pizza place when me and my mother starting noticing complaning about my brothers presence, and that that couldn't get away from n****** (I have blocked out this term because, it is not my term to use) me and my mother ignored them and carried on with our day.
So I ask you as a sister and friend and daughter of a biracial man, why can't we treat humans like humans. Are we not all the same inside? Are we all not all human? What makes them different?

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Love always mia bellas,