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I just wanted to share this!Xx

You wanna love someone?
Love yourself
Goddamn, girl.
Love yourself.

But what if I don’t?
What if I don’t know how to?
What if I gotta find someone
To love me
So good
That it feels like i love myself?

I mean, damn.
You try spending 18 years
In skin that doesn’t feel
Like home.

You try loving everything so much,
Everything but you,
So hard
So hard that you run dry.

I love things,
Lots of things.
I also love people,
Lots of people.
But there’s a difference
Between loving someone
And loving
With someone.

I mean,
How am i supposed to love myself
When I don’t know what
Loving myself,
Loving me,
Even looks like.

Loving others?
That comes too naturally.
Loving me?
Well, all I can say is:
I wish it was that easy.

— unfiltered thoughts #4.

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Have a lovely day or night! <3
- Anna M.