To give away a child is the bravest thing a mother can do
for a better future and education too
but to waste the sacrifice of mothers decision is the worst thing a child could do
instead of going to class and completing the work
it gets thrown in the trash by going to parties and getting drunk
due to wanting to have some fun
Now is that being a good son?
It's selfish and disappointing at the same time, in fact, last time I checked being smart and attending classes is not a crime
but stealing money and duplicating your parent's keys is a felony
although you refuse to take a session of remedy
it wouldn’t hurt to sit down for an hour and reflect on the decisions you’ve been making
because it’s not my heart you're breaking
it’s the women who sacrificed you because she couldn’t provide a life worth living for
in the hope that her child wouldn’t put in a drawer
yet you did the opposite and many more