So, I saw this article thing on WHI like three days after launch, and I'm kind of thankful with the app.
Let me explain, I'm the type of person who enjoy writing, I'm sure that you too, and I used to do it on wattpad, but to be honest...
It's like, now is full of girls that just wants to be popular and that kind of stuff but they don't even put some effort on their stories. Not all of them, obviously, there are beautiful stories. But you get my point, right?
Anyway, to me that's sad and is the reason why I do not use wattpad anymore.
But now, WHI has blessed us with this!
Okay, maybe is not such a big deal, but I'm sure that we all agree that it is a great function on this web. For now, at least.

Well, girls and boys (Why not? I'm feeling lucky), that's it for my first article.
Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it despite It´s short and kind of senseless.
Follow me and give me the chance to share with you my random thoughts and my existential questions. Also, I'm gonna be posting stuff like fun facts and all sort of random yet interesting topics.

Yep, it's gonna be a mess, it's gonna be a little of everything.
Nos leemos después <3

Moi Moi.