{This article is lengthy so you have been warned!}

I am writing this article to help reassure those who are nervous or panicking about going back to school/starting a new school. I will be starting a new school in a few days and I am stressed! So, I have decided to write this article of tips to help anyone else in my situations.


--> Make sure your bag is organized with everything you need/want for school. I find it's best to make a checklist of what you need and want to take to school and cross everything off as you put it into your bag. Also, pack your bag the day before just to ensure you have enough time to put everything in and so that you are not rushing on your first day!

--> Have a folder. I wasn't going to buy a folder until my school gave me a list of what I'll need and a folder was one of them. Now that I have bought one I realise how essential it is! Folders will keep all your handouts and papers organised and if you invest in an expanding one you can have several pockets for different subjects in one folder.

--> Take this that will keep you calm. I am a massive music lover and listen to music every single day so earphones are an ESSENTIAL for me. Carrying something that you love and that will help keep you calm will be good for you mood on the way to and from school. For example, I will be listening to music on the train journey to and from school to keep my nerves at bay. (I'm very nervous about school lol)

--> Ensure all devices you need are charged. If you take your phone, tablet or any other electrical device with you to school make sure it is charged. You don't know how many times I've gotten to school and realised my phone wasn't charging the whole entire night. If these electrical devices are important to you during your day at school make sure they are charging properly!

--> Making friends. As a naturally socially awkward person I am freaking out about making friends in my new school but after reading several articles here on WHI and online I have learned how I can make friends. Try initiating conversations, I know it sounds super scary but simply smiling at someone can show them that you're a friendly person! Try introducing yourself to different people in your classes and talk about your interests. (I'm going to talk everyone about TWICE)

--> Prioritise your school work. When you get home from school try doing your required homework or schoolwork straight away, this gets it out of the way and gives you more time for social activities or napping.
If you get stuck you can always spend an hour or two relaxing then looking at it again with a fresh set of eyes!

--> Make sure to get sleep! Sleep is very important to the body so do not spend all night stressing out over school or work, you need to sleep! Getting a good nights rest will help you perform better at school and will make you happier. I am obsessed with exclamation marks omg I want to put them all over this article

--> Last tip is to be yourself at school. You should always be true to yourself in any situation, being someone you're not isn't good for you and can bring you down. Surround yourself in loving and understanding people who accept you for you! This will make you happier at school and will make your mood good in general life!!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped!
Message me if you guys need any other advice or just a general chit chat!

how many exclamation marks did Meggs use in todays article haha I have a problem