So I thought I'd try out this fancy new article thing and I happened to look up at my recently-bought succulent and thought yeah, okay, let's do this.

If you're like me and either can't be bothered or can't afford to have a snazzy WHI-worthy room then fear not because here are a couple of quick, easy and cheap ideas that could make your space a little snazzier.

1, the aforementioned succulent

I find plants can really make a difference to a room, I'd recommend succulents because cacti have evil fingers and any other house plant requires too much maintenance for me.

green, room, and house plant image
this is mine
Image removed plants, succulent, and nature image plants, cactus, and green image Image removed
here are some similar ones that obviously aren't mine because they look like they required effort

2, candles

I don't even burn half of my candles, I mostly use them for decoration. They look pretty cute and come in handy if there's a power cut so...

blue, candle, and primark image
here are some I bought from Primark for something like £1.50
Temporarily removed candle, light, and christmas image Image by რ candles and cozy image
Or you could splash out on a fancy one that out burns a crayon

3, fairy lights

So if you want candles but don't want to burn your house down, fairy lights are a pretty cute substitute (and they take up more space, too). I like to weave them through bed frames or drape them on bookshelves.

fairy lights, heart, and cute image
here are some of the mine
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you can get really creative with these... probably

4, boxes

Hear me out a second, I mean nice, aesthetic boxes that you can use to put shit in that would otherwise be cluttered (not actual shit plz).

box, potter, and harry image
I literally got this box with a Harry Potter pyjama set so you could technically get/find these for free or decorate an old shoe box?
books, fight, and room image box, pink, and label image address, box, and card image Image removed
here are some snazzier ones you could also DIY

5, jars

These are pretty great for storing things that are aesthetic or useless (e.g. putting fairy lights in them). Especially since you could find a jar somewhere in your house (or buy one hella cheap).

decoration, pegs, and cute image
filling it with stationary you'll probably never need is great for looking cute and vaguely useful.
aesthetic, dark, and peach image Image by maryam Image by dleeted diy, bathroom, and ideas image
or you could pickle your clothes in them.

6, canvases

By this I mean them cute painting prints you can pick up for quite cheap that can easily be hung or rested on a shelf/against a wall. They add colour and character quite well especially if you have a theme (which I don't).

canvas, french, and painting image
this thing was like £3 from B&M?? idk might have been the range
black and white, mandala art print, and wrap canvas mandala image couples, etsy, and inspirational image art, canvas, and etsy image art, etsy, and canvas image
I doubt these were £3 but hey you get what you pay for
Pro Tip!

you could also DIY by buying a cheapy canvas from the Works and going crazy with sharpies, paint or bodily fluids.

don't actually use bodily fluids

7, fruit bowls

These could be great as long as you don't allow the fruit to go off, they could help you start eating healthier or could just imply the idea if you have guests over.

I'm sorry I don't currently have a fruit bowl
fruit, food, and strawberry image fruit, food, and orange image Image removed bowl, breakfast, and cherries image
Pro Tip!

I don't recommend storing bananas in an open bowl with other fruits as they make them ripen quicker because of some scientific reason idk or maybe the other fruits don't like yellow and are trying to kill themselves.