• The whole Alissa Violet and Jake Paul issue was something that needed to be solved between the two of them, not the whole Youtube Community.
  • Everyday Bro should had been the ONLY diss track out of this issue. The song was awful, it's not a lie. But it was also childish of them.
  • If I was Alissa, I would had ignored the whole deal and just keep on fixing my life. But no, she went to Rice Gum (which looked a little desperate to me) and asked him to help her make a diss track. I did like this diss track, but still, childish.
  • I thought that was it, no more diss tracks, but hell no. Logan Paul (Jake Paul's brother) came out with a diss track himself and well, killed his brother with that song. Honestly I did like this one, the beat was catchy, but still, childish.
  • I gave up with diss tracks, everyone was doing one and it became boring. And just when I thought it was over... More disstracks came.

In my opinion, this is what youtube has become you know, just people dragging each other and them making dumb songs about it. I remembered back in 2013 when all the youtubers were doing collabs and we would freak the hell out. But now youtube had become a place where dumb rhymes with some trap music in the background become trend and get billions of views when Youtube should be a place where creativity must reach its highest point, but instead they are wasting over dumb challenges and shitty songs.

But the worst part is that after this youtubers make a fool of themselves on the internet they come playing the victim. Honey, YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THIS. You can't go around throwing shit at everyone and then expect flowers to be thrown at you. Life is a restaurant where you are served what you give, even in Youtube.