Since writing articles is obviously my full time profession now, I need to be an adult and take it seriously..

Here's a happy Hoseok

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Now that we've been through the most important part let's geT TO ARTICLE-ING

Little Junggoogie Is Even Older Now :,)

I'm not a fan whose been there since the very very very fetus beginning, but I've loved these boys for a while now.

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Such little children

And I remember when Jungkook was just a smol little bean child. He is such a fricken talented little bundle of happiness and inspiration and hard work and I- UGH WHO DOESNT LOVE HIMTBH

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my gosh my heart
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Now he's grown up and he's continuing to chase his dreams and provide us with some amazing music it makes me happy oh my gosh tears.

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So fluffy

What BTS is So Famous Now I Can't Keep Up Omg Slow Down

I really really hope that they rested well and weren't just working so unbelievably hard on their new album in secret this entire time.

They're doing shoots and shows and promotions and so many things. I used to be able to keep up but they've become so popular and are achieving so many things. I hope among those achievements is a sufficient amount of sleep your hEALTH aND HAPPINESS cOME FIRST GUYS.

After I cried for five hours because of the billboard awards I realized that they're going to have to work twice as hard because now even more people are aware of their beautiful blessing of an existence and I just want to support them all the way and make sure they stay happy little beans.

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asdfghjk emotions cannot be contained

Also This

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I heard Namjoon did the composing and producing honestly his immense talent and dedication never fail to surprise and inspire me. And that definitely goes the same for Jimin my god, vocals from actual heaven.

Okay thank you for listening here's the best Namjin moment in the history of Namjin moments you are so welcome.

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