1. Taeyong - NCT

His visual portfolio ranges from innocent pink haired manga character (as shown below) ...

gif, taeyong, and nct image

to an illegal bad boy that will murder you with his gaze....

kpop, taeyong, and nct image

Next up...

2 . Cha Eunwoo - Astro

He has the prettiest eye smile

gif, kpop, and astro image

And he is also 183cm

Image by ʟᴋɪm ᴇᴜɴwoo ᴄᴛ. 𓂃𓋪◌


3 . Kim Rowoon - SF9

He is the tallest out of the 3 at 189cm.

sf9, rowoon, and kpop image

Here is a picture of him carrying maknae Chani because {Rochan} is real.

Image removed
Pretty cute

Rowoon also appeared in School 2017 because he's is a rookie king

boys, school 2017, and gif image

,,,, and in Click Your Heart (when he was just a trainee)

kim seokwoo, gif, and rowoon image

I would like to inform the readers that Rowoon in uniform is a blessing given to us by the heavens

kpop, rowoon, and 로운 image

The end.

In no way did I mean to offend anyone and their idols but you cannot deny the beauty of these faces.

Everyone is fantabulous.