The days turned into nights
And you came shining bright as a knight
In a world where only we two exist
I close my eyes and you persist
Reality and virtuality
Finally meeting in the realms of my individuality
Love or infatuation;
When do you know? How do you know?
Questions linger, answers sting her
Do I follow my heart or cater those?
The eyes can’t see what the heart sees
The kings won’t believe what the pauper breathes
Going onto and under, around; so wide
Love’s got no boundaries, right?
Why don’t you seize it until the end?
Why can’t you let it prosper and transcend?
Taming a beast isn’t easy
Playing with fire is never breezy
Let’s take it on and see how it lasts
How it ends
And how it renders us distraught
What if we turn lucky?
What if my wishes turn into reality?
What if you and I are here to stay,
As something called ‘we’?
What if you can never forget the love I bestowed?
What if you come back wanting for more?
What if I was the river in your desert?
What if this is your prayers answered?
What if I came to take you ashore?
What if it was me you were looking for?
These or a million other questions,
You are always a ‘yes’ for me
And I am not letting you go.
Call me a dreamer, call me amateur
Love doesn’t see anything but feelings galore.