There are truly dark places in this world and even darker persons. I have seen them both and I’ve learned that the most obscure places are inside of us. For a long time, I was captured in a deep cave because of the pain I have experienced. Both physical and psychical. I couldn’t talk about that with anyone and I believed that I have lost the key to the outside world.

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After realizing that my mind is becoming the darkest cave in the world and that I am only getting deeper, I found my way to the freedom. I found her in words. All the pain, the fear, the agony that I have kept in myself, I let it pour on the paper and I felt such release. Instead of jumping over the edge, I started writing about what has happened to me and about all the mixed feelings and thoughts that were messing with my mind. Finally, the cave started crumbling and I was surrounded by light. That pain turned into a story that I would even like if it didn’t happen to me and I realized how words can make pain seem beautiful. They can give you hope, they can liberate you, and they can make you tremble as the most sensual kiss and touch combined.

Words can connect you with people from far away worlds and show you how someone you will never meet, shares the same sorrow as you. One word can leave such an impact that would leave all the workings shaking in shame. You can be left in awe how something that a man has created can be so marvelous. They can cover you with tears, inspire you, heal you, move you and fill you with almost unbearable euphoria. This is the proof that words are not just a cold bunch of letters that only help us to communicate. They are a fusion of emotions and strength, one of the most powerful things man has invented. They are a weapon that can start a war or a medium that can end it.

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I am thankful that I live in a world where you can share your thoughts and words with everyone, help someone with them or help yourself. And let’s not forget what this world has that can make Mars, Venus, and others jealous – our world has poetry. Oh, I would dress in poetry if I could.

So, my darling, never doubt in power of your words. Use them, write them down and share them. Write about what hurts, write about what makes you feel alive or leaves you terrified. Writing is one of the only places where fear doesn’t exist. With every letter, you erase it.