Well, I thougt to make my first article about books. Why? It's simple: this is my passion, my hobby. Ok, one of them. So, I have always dreamed of arriving in a world full of magic. Books can give me a whole world with magical creatures, adventures and a fantasy storyline.

People who read are people who dream.

Here are some questions and answers about my book prefenceres.


What is your favorite book series?

Like any reader, I don't have a favorite book series. I admire Cassandra Clare's work, especially The Mortal Instruments. Also, I read The Infernal Devices, but these volumes aren't among my favorites. Here I have a list of the best books I've read.

- The Mortal Instruments ~ Cassandra Clare
- Percy Jackson ~ Rick Riordan
- Wardstone Chronicles ~Joseph Delaney
- Amber House ~ Kelly Moore
- Inferno ~ Dan Brown

What is your favorite genre?

Fantasy, I guess. I read SF, too. I can read any type of book if is a good one.

Where is your favorite place to read?

I prefer a quiet place like my room, but I can read anywhere if I like the book. Sometimes I read at the school. My classmates make a lot of noise, but I don't care.

Who is your favorite author?

Cassandra Clare has a comfortable style. I enjoy her books full of action and intrigue. Also, Kelly Moore's writting style is so easy to read and understand, but nice, too.

Well, that is all for today! I hope you enjoyed my article!