I was looking through some of my articles yesterday and I realised that I haven't thanked my followers yet.OMG,I was like I am such a bad person and that I should not be alive but then I calmed down a bit and decided to write this little virtual letter of gratitude today!!!~~

Just a little note here,if you see my profile it currently says that I have 2.927 followers but since I could not find a picture with 2900 followers I decided to put this instead...

3k, dutch, and followers image

So,*awkard silence* ,I would like to thank all of you who have followed me and liked my stuff!!!!!
Just so you know,WHI is very important to me because it is a community where I feel useful and lovable and I am very happy to see people that like my style and way of expressing myself.
Also,WHI plus my little group of followers taught me that I should be myself no matter what because this is way for people to like you.
Look,I am a character that literally shows no emotion when it comes to sadness and actual anger(I just pretend to be unaffected/stupid) and even in happy moments I sometimes find myself faking it because I grow to show less and less interest in things like that because deep down I am afraid that I will regret it.
So,yeah,basically WHI is a community where I can be 100% myself and this what I love about it.Okay,I am not the best person in the world but I appreciate that some people of this big community have seen themselves in some of my hearts:-)
To end this here,I WANT TO SAY A BIG THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO FOLLOWED ME AND LIKED MY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ARE AMAZING(not only the people that follow me :P)!!!!!!!!!
Honestly,you have no idea how much you have helped me<3