Today we discussed a poem in class , which is worth it to be mentioned. It´s originally by Catull, a roman poet. Luise Maier is one of hundreds who translated it into German and now I´m trying my best to present it in English.

hate and I love.
Why I´m doing this ,
maybe you´ll ask me that.
I don´t know ,
but it happens ,
i feel that
am tearing

In my opinion this is so true. I think anyone knows how it feels when someone breaks your heart , maybe a lover or a friend , maybe a family member or your pet. I don´t know and I don´t need to. But when you just think of that first line : "I hate and I love."
I just fits to the feeling I had during my first heartbreak. You´re hating the person because it makes you feel so empty and sad but you still can´t stop loving it. And that´s the point when things get complicated because you never can hate someone you love but you can love someone you hate. And I think that this is shown in the poem really well. The person doesn´t know why it´s feeling these two extreme feelings for the same person but it knows that it´s one of the most terrible feelings you can have.

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