Firstable thank you SOO much for all the support on my last 2 articles !! I really appreciate it !!

We all have to go to work or to school so most of the time we have to wake up very early. And waking up very early is such a stupid thing to do. So today I am going to give y'll some tips and tricks to make waking up a little bit nicer :)


1) Use a song you like as your alarm. So when your alarm goes in the morning you don't hate it anymore because it is a song you love.

2) Get out of you bed directly. Don't stay in your bed for like 5 or 10 more minutes because when you do that you're getting more tired.

3) Listen to music you like when you are doing the things you have to do in the morning. Like put some music on when you are making your lunch/breakfast or when you are making yourself ready :) When you listen to happy songs your mood will be better so yeah :)

4) Think about positive thing when your waking up. When you wake up with the thought that this is going to be a bad day then your mood will be very bad to. So if you think about happy and positive things and when you try to be happy in the morning, your mood will be better :)

That is it for today !! I hope y'll will have or had a good day !

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Thanks for everything!!
see yaaa